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Stephen Lendman:Trump Bashing Ignores What’s Most Important




Make no mistake. Trump is a rogue actor serving his privileged class exclusively at the expense of most others, the nation’s least advantaged harmed most by his hostile agenda, besides unspeakable horrors inflicted on countless millions abroad.

Every popular promise he made was breached straightaway in office. Instead of draining the swamp, he filled it with a rogue’s gallery of warmongering neocons (including John Bolton), Wall Street predators, hawkish generals, and billionaires.

His rage for endless wars of aggression is insatiable, terror-bombing one nation after another–at a pace far exceeding the Clintons, Bush/Cheney and Obama in munitions used, civilians in harm’s way massacred in cold blood by the thousands.

The media reporting nothing, suppressing his high crimes while bashing him in other ways.

He’s part of the dirty system in private and public life, as president presiding over fantasy democracy in America.

Things are far worse than ever since the neoliberal 90s, notably post-9/11. The mother of all false flags changed everything. The Trump regime exceeds the wickedness of his predecessors.

Criticizing his disgraceful mistreatment of unwanted alien children is one among a long list of policies showing indifference to equity and justice for all, along with the highest of high crimes against humanity at home and abroad.

Last week, Ralph Nader tweeted:

“Would be nice if Laura Bush and Michelle Obama had expressed similar heartfelt concern for the tens of thousands of children killed or seriously maimed by the wars of their husbands in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere” as they do for mistreated alien children unwanted in America.

Just societies and leadership would never tolerate outrageously separating children from parents, traumatizing kids, in some cases doing irreparable damage.

Yet it doesn’t rise to the level of naked aggression, mass slaughter and destruction, smashing nations to own them, wanting planet earth colonized, seeking New World Order societies comprised of rulers and serfs, no middle class, no democratic rights, no justice, perpetual wars and chaos instead, US-dominated NATO operating as a global killing machine – Orwell’s “vision of the future (with) a boot stamping on a human face forever,” a world unsafe and unfit to live in anywhere.

Trump’s “zero tolerance” extends far beyond his deplorable immigration policy. Far worse is his intolerance of democratic values, rule of law principles, peace and stability, along with fundamental human and civil rights–an agenda only a despot could love.

He’s in different to poverty,hunger,homelessness,unemployment, underemployment.

He’s commander-in-chief of the nation’s military with his finger on the nuclear trigger he may be itching to squeeze – mindless of the horror of nuclear immolation.

He supports virtually every global tinpot despot allied with Washington’s imperial agenda, serving its interests, sovereign independent nations targeted for regime change by naked aggression, color revolutions or coup d’etats.

Instead of improved relations with Russia, they’re more dismal than ever.

Irreconcilable differences separate the geopolitical agendas of both countries, resolving them unattainable because bipartisan US hardliners want regime change, not mutual cooperation.

US policy toward Israel was always one-sided. Throughout its deplorable history, nothing was ever done by Washington to support and insure fundamental Palestinian rights, always treating them unfairly and unjustly–never holding the Jewish state accountable for its high crimes.

Trump elevated their mistreatment to a higher level, supporting apartheid ruthlessness,tacitly endorsing occupation harshness and unlimited settlement construction on stolen Palestinian land, opposing diaspora Palestinians’ legal right of return, wrongfully moving Washington’s embassy to Jerusalem, an international city not recognized as Israel’s capital by the UN and most nations.

At the same time, his regime endorses Israeli human rights abuses too egregious to ignore, wrongfully blaming Palestinians for Israeli crimes committed against them.

Trump’s great GOP tax cut heist benefitted corporate predators and high-net-worth households exclusively at the expense of social justice erosion to help pay for it.

His inaugural address promise “to rebuild our country and to restore its promise for all of our people” was a bald-faced lie, serving rich and powerful ones alone from day one in office.

He’s hostile to ecosanity, serving Big Oil and other cororate polluters, turning a blind eye to their worst offenses.

Straightaway in office, he proved he’s just another dirty politician, waging war OF terror, not on it, supporting ISIS and likeminded jihadists, not combatting them.

His America first agenda is all about bullying, pressuring and bribing other nations to bend to Washington’s will economically, politically, militarily and in trade relations.

It’s about enriching corporate predators and high-net-worth Americans more than already. It’s about serving privileged interests at the expense of others.

It’s about neocon extremists running things, federal courts stacked with hard-right ideologues serving their interests.

It’s about exploiting ordinary people over government serving everyone everywhere equitably. It’s about punishing anyone unwilling to go along with an agenda no one should accept.

Trump’s National Security Strategy is a modern-day version of Hitler’s Mein Kampf, a manifesto for endless wars of aggression, his regime heading America closer to full-blown tyranny than already.

He disgraces the office he holds, doing it in record time compared to his predecessors. With two-and-half years before another presidential election, he’s free to rape, ravage, plunder and destroy much more than already.






Editor: Zhong Yao






发布时间:2018-07-12 19:19:00